Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My annual New Year's resolution gift to you

I like you just the way you are.

However, if you are hell bent on making New Years resolutions have the decency and courtesy to avoid those self esteem destroying, I'm gonna lose 25 pounds by swimming suit season, types. I'll all for self improvement, but self delusion is unseemly.

Allow me to offer the toughest resolution suggestion you have yet encountered. Tough, yet mind numbingly easy, if only you change how you see the world. You will find that if you utilize its simple principles, over time, it will improve every aspect of your life. And its free.

With heartfelt thanks to my old boss, Hap Lignoul, and author Douglas Adams I call it NMP. Let NMP become your mantra. NMP, as in Not My Problem.

Imagine sitting at home worrying if your doofus sister called the repairman, or scheduled 3 calendar conflicts. Instead of stewing about it, remember NMP. It's not your problem, so do not give it another thought.

Kimmie putting on weight? Bummer. NMP
Is your neighbor overly friendly with the mailman? NMP
Did Karen order the office supplies? NMP

What I am suggesting is, that if everyone tended their own garden, and keep your nose out of everyone else's, the world would be a happier place. Your stress levels fall instantly. Your blood pressure falls. You live a longer and healthier life.

Your near adult children may learn price paying, once they see you love them enough to let them fail, HARD. Focus on what you are responsible for, and leave the rest. It's not your problem.

Try it, I dare ya.



Mary said...

Thank you. I needed to be reminded. We sure can get busy with problems that aren't ours.

Mary said...
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