Wednesday, January 8, 2014


"January 8th is also a very important day for the principality of Monaco. It was on this day 717 years ago when a Genoan thug of some ill-repute, Francois Grimaldi, disguised as a monk in hood and robe, knocked on the palace door in Monte Carlo after dark. When it was opened, Grimaldi, already with scabbard in hand, murdered the man, and with his men entered, killed the reigning prince and  took over. Seven centuries later, the Grimaldis are still firmly ensconced in the palace in Monacoville, in the land that Somerset Maugham (who lived nearby) referred to as “Sunny place for shady people.” As well as a large contingent of retired ex-pats living comfortably and quietly in a tax haven over looking the beautiful Mediterranean."

From The New York Social Diary


Brooke said...

Happy New Year, Toad! We rent an apartment in nearby Nice often and every time we do, we think "we really should go to Monaco this afternoon; after all, it's only 20 minutes away" but somehow we never get around to it!

Brooke (A Bit of Bubbly)

Anonymous said...

"a Genoan thug of some ill-repute, Francois Grimaldi"

They're still thugs. Why we must insist upon and fawn over the farce of their "royalty" stays beyond me. Even the poor little Hollywood actress couldn't make it out of there alive.

a fellow ancient, left leaning, apolitical crank