Saturday, January 4, 2014

Time for a Change

Since Christmas is rarely warm in Mayberry I have a difficult time imaging the holidays held in mid summer glory as celebrated by our friends down under.  In fact, after giving the matter serious consideration, and with my foot firmly planted I've decided that Christmas, Kwanzaa (do we still have that?) and New Year's are due for a makeover.  My plan makes perfect sense, the 1% will love it and wonder how they've done without, which in turn will make the remaining 99% clamour for their opportunity to make the 1% better off.

I am not one of those who believe that everything was better back then.  In many ways then was a deeply troubled place whose few golden moments of triumph appear monumental only to those accustomed to modern ways.  When I was a lad, American holidays, with few exceptions, were fixed stars on the firmament.  Presidents Washington and Lincoln's birthday fell on their birth days. Memorial Day was the last day of May, Labor Day was....

One of the surprising triumphs of the past age was that mostly the federal government worked for the people.  The governmental powers looked up one day, observed that neither George nor Abe was around to blow out the candles, and agreed their 2 birthdays  could be combined into 1 President's Day held on a Monday.  And so it was, and it was good.  So good, other holidays were moved to Monday, and it was good.

Friends, it is time to move Christmas and New Years.  Not to Monday, but to Saturday.  Jesus may or may not have been born 12/25.  His birth date while significant is less so than the Christian's belief in the fact of, and his observance of the Nativity.  Fixing Jesus's birth  to the last Saturday of December does nothing to diminish the sanctity of the feast, and in fact will strengthen family bonds, especially for those unable to be with their family when Christmas falls mid week.  

New Years Day on the other hand...  Does anyone remember the religious significance of the day, or are the holiday's ancient pagan roots what come to mind?  New Years gets bumped to the first Saturday of January, likely gets a name change, and becomes bigger and better than ever.

Think about it.  As they used to say, "in your heart you know he's right."


For our friends down under:  Mayberry is anticipating a foot of snow tonight and -24 C temps for the next several days. Wish you were here, or I was there.


Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I was thinking the same thing about Christmas just last week! Why not make Christmas a fixed date? I love it!

LPC said...

My brother the psychologist, i.e. high-paid hourly worker, completely agrees. Two weeks of income this year, shot:).

GP said...

Sure. We did something similar in our corner of paradise. We used to celebrate Old Spanish Days/Fiesta with the first full moon of August. But the potential profits of a predictable event encouraged a change to the first Thursday - Sunday of August. Most authentic community events died but the corporations and tourists make it quintessentially modern. Christmas, New Years, Passover, Independence Day... these need a modern take.

sue in mexico mo said...

Suits me. Count me in!

Patsy said...

Since I already have Saturdays off, I vote no.

But, you could talk me into a Friday or a Monday Christmas/New Years Day.