Monday, January 13, 2014


My bride is not likely from this planet.  It's the only explanation.  Regularly, it becomes necessary for one of us to explain the cultural significance of Peter Pan collars or the importance of first Star Wars trilogy to the other.  Most recently old television programs were the topic of explanation.

Near bedtime, just after the lights are turned out, my bride turns on a previously recorded episode of Jeopardy. It's my cue that it's safe to fall asleep, at least until the final answer.  The subject was old television programs, perhaps you remember it.

The answer was to name the program featuring Tom Servo,Crow T. Robot, Joel and Gypsy.  I blurted  MST3K while my bride looked as if I had 3 heads. Mrs. T has 2 sons who were exactly the right age, at the right time, to have taken refuge in Joel Hodgson's masterpiece Mystery Science Theatre 3000.  Just saying the name makes me smile. How could she not know? She is not an absent parent   An hour thirty of 1990's Saturday night adolescent boy humor wrapped up in 1950's sci-fi movies.

 If you're female you're forgiven for not having an encyclopedic knowledge of each episode, however you can catch up on a slow night via YouTube. It won't be time wasted. MST3K was one of the best programs ever, just ask Time magazine.

The morning after this Jeopardy escapade, an email recommend Jerry Seinfeld's internet series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  The first episode I came across featured Joel .  Coincidence?


Happy BD LJ


Shelley said...

Oh, be still my heart, a Karmann Ghia! Thanks so much for the link to Punch, Toad. You're a sweetie. One day I hope you will explain the cultural significance of Peter Pan collars. XXX

Toad said...

Glad to be of help, Shelley

Anonymous said...

Years back, my brother in law gave me a copy of the movie Mitchell with Joe Don Baker after we watched MST3K together. My favorite Christmas present of my adult life.