Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adios 2013

As Barry Manilow sang, it looks like we've made it.  We've survived long enough to once again celebrate Hogmany.

Hogmany is the name for the Scottish end of the year celebration.  It's a party, it's fun, so it is obviously not indigenous to Scotland.  Most likely, wandering Norse tour guides searching for warmer winter cruising happened upon the south of Scotland not long after a winter solstice. Believing they were in Miami, the Norse donned masks to protect their fair skin from the harsh Florida sun and like the local Floridians, took to drink.  Masks, drink....lasses. Word got back and the annual migration and bacchanal became custom. The crazy Norse never knew they weren't in the US.

The new year festival is as ancient as the hills.  While custom and tradition have evolved, Hogmany celebrations derive from human's need to occasionally let loose.  Deep within the DNA of humans everywhere is the need to break the solitude of work during the dark cold months, restoring mental health to those who live close to the land.  The Church of Scotland, which for over 400 years gave Christmas celebrations a miss, reluctantly turned a blind eye to a holiday celebrated on a state holiday.  

My family, a bit farther west, never needed such a flimsy excuse to celebrate.  They partied just because God gave them Guinness.  The masks and lasses were a lagniappe.

Celebrate hard my friends, you've earned it,  we'll leave the light on for ya.  AND WATCH FOR DEER!!!!!!

Happy end of 2M13 and welcome 2M14.


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Happy New Year!