Saturday, January 11, 2014

spalding gray

Today is the tenth anniversary of Spalding Gray's death. I miss seeing him perform. Mayberry was a regular stop during his monologue tours, Mrs. T and I never missed a show.

A table,  a notebook, and a man telling his life's stories, what could be harder? Yet, each night audiences, within the first sentence or two became spellbound. His monologues were theatre at its best.  Spalding's pacing, use of  the correct word, his attention to the minutest detail, and his audience's willingness to accept  Spald as their new best friend, made his created world an enchanted place to visit, even when the subject was dark and scary.



Anonymous said...

You cool kids always know everything ahead of us nerds. He had me at "sit down comic" - thank you for educating me all the dang time.


Pigtown*Design said...

Did you hear the piece on NPR on Friday by his wife and daughter? It was great.