Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bryant and May

Mystery readers are a strange lot. The rules for writing mystery novels were codified in 1928 since then few successful writers have veered from the path. We become possessive of "our" sleuth, his locale, methods and idiosyncrasies. It's one of the few genres that never age, readers re-read each novel over and over.

I'll let you in on my favorite series, the Byrant and May Peculiar Crimes Unit novels by Christopher Fowler.

The Peculiar Crimes Unit, a London Metropolitan Police detachment, was established during the Second World War to handle especially sensitive or heinous crimes. Bryant and May, the lead detectives, were young men then, fighting above their weight, using whatever methods were available to ensure justice was served.

In subsequent novels, the team aged, but their mission did not.  Bryant and May are called whenever an especially sensitive case, one to hot for the Met, comes calling.

If you enjoy a good murder mystery, especially one with local lure, filled with arcania give Fowler's works a go.  You won't be disappointed.



Anonymous said...

I always love a good mystery. I'll check one out next time I'm at the library. - KT
P.S. I love your new pic at top. You're looking very dapper.

LPC said...

I love a good mystery. Thanks for the recommendation. In return, are you familiar with Tana French?

Toad said...

L, not a lick but I certain soon shall. Thanks for the tip

Toad said...

Should begin Tana at the beginning or can one jump in anywhere?

LPC said...

Irish. Great writer. I just finished one of hers about a policeman who goes home to his poor neighborhood and I found it as compelling or more than The Goldfinch. Hope you like it. And very happy holidays to you and the missus.

LPC said...

The one I read recently stood on its own. The first two are linked, I believe. She changes detectives, hither and thither.

Toad said...

I've ordered the first from the local library, should be here in a day or two. The weather is expected to be crummy so this will be perfect. many thanks