Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Since I hadn't visited Chuck in a while I knew that you hadn't either.  As busy a he is writing, directing, and producing several of the nation's most popular sitcoms, he still find time most weeks to publish a vanity card laying out what's on his mind at the end of most of his shows.  Mostly we can't read that fast so we ignore them but they are often worth looking back on.  We left off somewhere around 400, 408 could easily be skipped. The complete archives may be found here. 


I've been told that if you change your mind, you change the world - or at least the way you experience it. Let's take a moment to examine that. The presumption is, if you thought the world was a hostile, ugly place filled with awful people doing awful things, that is what you'd see. Your mind would naturally seek out confirmation for its preconceived ideas (e.g., if you're intent on buying a red car, as you go about your day you'll see lots of red cars). If, however, you were able to sincerely change your mind and see that we are all God in drag, that we are the conscious aspects of a perfect universe which had to create us so we could bear witness and stand in awe before its loving magnificence, then that is the soul-shaking reality you'd be greeted with each and every moment of each and every day. In other words, it is entirely our choice as to what kind of world we live in. With a simple decision, we can suffer in the darkness or play in the light. We can be angry, frightened and enslaved, or loving, joyous and free.

I know. It's a toughie.

Enjoy your visit.

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Anonymous said...

He must be a Buddhist, #400 seems like ancient nutshell Buddhism. Chronologically, he may intend us to use Buddhism as we process #408, that or it's his homage to the K----shi--- [can't, just can't]. Your new header is sublime, Mr Adorable.