Friday, December 27, 2013

The wager

You can teach old dogs new tricks, if the failure to learn is high enough.  Two years ago my bride gave me an IPAD for Christmas.  I reacted badly, hurt her feelings, was first in the return line the next morning and wrote about it here. Since, I've learned to smile and say thank you when receiving gifts.  I now deal with unwanted prizes later, alone.

We have 2 televisions in our latest renovation project.  The big one resides in Mrs. T's office.  It has all the bells and whistles, digital this and digital that. It never shuts off.

My TV rarely turns on.  We've been together a long time.  In spite of the large number of channels offered my little black box and I have settled on 9 and forgo the remainder. I only watch one anyway and that infrequently. To paraphrase an an old Mercedes Benz ad "we don't have digital anything." We're happy, comfortable and like most old couples settled in our ways.  The only problem is that I feel like I lose an IQ point each time I watch.

I was sharing this news at our a holiday bash when it was suggested I do something about it.  I agreed and we wagered whether or not I could go one year without watching television.  I accepted the challenge, with one exception (Sherlock is returning soon) and only later found I had been tricked.

5 furniture placements ago- note the dog on each end of the couch

It had been predetermined that I was in need of a new viewing appliance, which was at that time sitting at my challenger's awaiting pick up.  Christmas morning I was whelmed.

the black hole

I smiled as I unpacked the box, later I smiled as I installed the beast with each of our 9 analog channels, and later I smiled when it turned off.  The bet is still a bet, it's now day 3.  I love my new toy.


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