Sunday, December 29, 2013

KC lights

I was in Kansas City Saturday sharing a late Christmas with granddaughter Liz and her family.  On the way out of town I detoured across to town to visit some of KC's world famous holiday light displays.

On a whim I drove down our old street to see how the neighborhood was fairing. Their spirit caught me be surprise.  My former neighbors appear to be in the holiday mood. I wish I could have lingered. (Driving while photographing may not be a great career move for me.)

Except for the grinch who now lives in our old home.



Martha said...

But did you not see the most famous lights of all? The Plaza ones?

Toad said...

Of course I did but had reported on them several times over the years. I lived a few blocks south of the Plaza and was surprised that the hood had finally become festive.