Monday, December 16, 2013


Sir Quentin in his studio

Today is Sir Quentin Blake's 81st birthday. Think back to your childhood story books.  Your mind slips to the illustrations first.  It is hard to separate the story from the drawing.  The story alone is hardly memorable, while a story with pictures jumps to life. 

Still active after all these years

Quentin was the artist behind Roald Dahl's best works.  It is Quentin who brought the BFG to life. The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Charlie are merely words on a page without Blake. It was Blake who illustrated JJ Norwich's  earliest Christmas Crackers.


Looking back through the mists of time I certainly did not appreciate N.C. Wythe's Treasure Island or Robinson Crusoe illustrations at the time as much as I did my children's story books in theirs.  I feel gyped. Things were not ALWAYS better then.

Happy Birthday Mr. Blake, may you live long and prosper.