Monday, December 23, 2013

Milk and Cookies? Although it is Festivus

The holiday's are not all milk and cookies.  Bad things happen to good families during this otherwise festive time.  I stumbled upon 2 bits of information this weekend that wowed me out of my comfort zone.  In the spirit of Festivus I'm sharing so that perhaps, we can reach someone in need.

The first thing I learned was that more Americans, Brits and likely Canadians too die during the Christmas holidays than any other time of the year. We can blame weather, automobiles and stupid for some of the deaths.  Old age, infant birth and drink for others.  The greatest killer is most likely depression in all its forms.

The second thing I learned came from a Tumblr post I saw, featuring a 2007 Craig Ferguson monolog. The clip is shown above. It's long but necessarily so.  

Craig's monolog dwelt on 2 issues.  The first issue was a decision on his part to redefine what for him comedy, especially what was broadcast on HIS program, was.  At the time of the monolog Britney  news was the rage.  She was going through a rough patch, and Craig felt personal attacks on the defenseless were unconscionable.  This led to a segue on his alcoholism, his decision one Christmas Day to kill himself that afternoon and what saved his life.

Every family is less than 9 degrees of separation away from depression and/or addiction.  Blessings to the few that escape it, more so to those who have triumphed over it.  If I've hit a nerve watch the vid.  Pass it on, maybe you'll save a family.

Happy Festivus, may you triumph during the feats of strength.


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RHW said...

Powerful clip. Makes a man think.