Friday, November 15, 2013

Odds and Ends

We tend to schedule the dogs winter haircuts the day before the weather turns cold. Monday was haircut day, Tuesday was first frost.

The girls don't like having their haircut, but enjoy the attention afterwards.  Our usually mangy looking mutts come home smelling pretty, and their coats are incredibly bright shiny and soft.  I asked their barber why.  She credits this stuff.  $4.

I'll deny this, but I had to try it.  Left my coat soft and shiny. Smells good too. If I wake up looking like Yul Brenner you'll know why.  I can now scratch behind my ears with my feet.

II Snapchat

While watching game shows, Mrs. T  and I play along at home and when decision time comes, do you want the money or do you wish to continue playing, the standard line at our house is "Is anyone, anywhere likely to offer you more cash today?" If yes, keep playing, obviously.

Most of us had never heard of Snapchat prior to their announcement that they turned down $3 billion from Facebook. Clearly someone is coming along with more buckets of cash. It's good to have options.

III Gig Lamps

Mrs. T has a BFF who hates change.  For fear her favorite product will change she stocks up.  A lifetime supply of  household products are stored in her house.  Shopping for appliances with her is hell.  "I want a washer just like the washer I purchased 20 years ago" is generally a non-starter.  We attribute her attitude to age.

In the 50 years I have worn glasses I had never broken a pair, until this summer.  I was devastated. I had to replace my frames with their exact match.  I had become our BFF.   I didn't care that no one else liked them.  It took what felt like forever and much harrumping  to track down an exact match.

While waiting for the replacements to arrive I came across the photo below, gratuitously liberated from the Italian Industrialists blog .

Completely discounting the differences in our ages, and that our faces are not shaped the same I wanted his frames too.  Tracked them down in Hungary.  After 50 years, now that my eyesight continues to improve, suddenly I need a back up?

I'm undecided, but that's never stopped me.  Perhaps I should go with Jason Epstein's look (shown below).  If you haven't yet, find a copy of his book Eating.  You'll enjoy the read, as well as the cooking tips.


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Anonymous said...

My vote goes to the Mayberry Intellectual Historian blogger, he's the best lookin of all. And I adore his new glasses on him. Off to check out snapchat, cheers to you and Mrs. T!