Monday, November 18, 2013


These are the nice pages, so keep an open mind.

During the one television per household, pre-On Constantly, pre-On Demand television era of the 1980's any airing of a brat pack movie was an event at our place. My first born and her friends knew every line to every one of their movies by heart.

Being a BP member can only carry you so far in life and now the Pack have grown up, some actually having to find legit work.

Mrs. T called me into our modern era home theatre, paused her television until I was ready and had me guess who the chanteuse yodeling on the box was. Damned if it wasn't Molly Ringwald, reincarnated as a cabaret singer.

I judge her musical talent on par with her acting, some may disagree.



M.Lane said...

Actually I really liked this album. You should listen to it and see what you think. I particularly liked the cover of "Don't You Forget About Me" from, of course, The Breakfast Club.

But I admit I always loved her.


Anonymous said...

TBClub, it was always Ally Sheedy for me, my doppelganger.



Toad said...

When I saw Molly on tv and in the photo I got the impression of a little girl playing dress up. I tend to forget that she's now how old?

Shelley said...

Makes me think of Nancy Sinatra's Boots album. Careful selection of songs... I have to say I like her acting better, but perhaps it's because I'm not that big on jazz?