Monday, November 25, 2013

More Odds and Ends

Those who remember that fateful weekend will recall that John John's father was buried on his son's 3rd birthday.  That had got to carry some long term psychic cost.

II. Holiday Table Decorates?

A thousand variations on this theme exist, but its simple and fun especially if you have kids, or kid like adults. I stole Giada's variation, and our best bites photo.

Double stuff Oreos, peanut butter cups, malted milk balls, and indian corn, a tube of squirt on icing

III. Home Library

#1 son has opened a free library on his street. I'm too much a book hoarder to do it myself, but I applaud his effort.  He was encouraged when a dad and his son walking by took Tom Sawyer.

IV. Even the Food Channel

This screen shot is from the Food Network program Restaurant Divided expresses my sentiment exactly.  If you are new to this planet and don't know from ADG he may be found at Maxminimus



Anonymous said...

They love him down south here on Amelia Island, too. In fact, every employee at my dental emporium wears a uniform jacket with "ADG" monogrammed on the chest pocket.


Patsy said...

#1 son sure is a keeper.