Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Odd Jobs

Of all the careers, in all the world, it is a wonder we chose the ones we did.  Perhaps our fathers were in the same line of work, maybe the military taught a useful skill, just maybe we learned something useful in school.  The lucky few managed to find fulfillment in careers they loved.  Search around though and you begin to wonder how many of us ever planned the jobs we ended up with.

The Guardian ran photo gallery earlier this week of some of the world's oddest jobs.  We are a litigious society.  So much so that no manufacturer can afford to willingly produce dangerous or unhealthy products and offer them for sale in first world countries.  To veil any attempt at flogging inferior goods, the position of quality inspector was created.  Here are some of the Guardian's picks for the world's oddest jobs.

Betty Lyons is an odor judge.  For 30+ years she has smelled armpits, feet, breath, litter boxes all in the name of science.  I'm guessing that as a little girl sniffer was never on her I wanna be a ...list.

   Patricia Patterson of Manhattan Kansas is a professional dog food taster.  University of Kansas fans may quietly acknowledge the usefulness of dog food tasters in Kansas State University's home town.

Someone has to design men's underwear.  Why not Jennifer Fischetti, VP of design at Nautica.

Ever wonder why you never find burnt or clumpy chips in you bag?  It because Cindy Pina and people like her are potato chip inspectors.

Daniel Raudabaugh tests tampons at First Quality for a living.  POW jokes aside, it's unlikely tampon testing was ever on Daniel's mind when he applied at FQ.

The entire list may be found here.  


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