Thursday, November 14, 2013

Children's Day

A show of hands please. Raise a hand if you have ever heard of Children's Day.  Raise the other hand if you knew it was today, at least in India.  Not so many hands.

Those with a cynical bent will note the irony of Children's Day falling exactly 9 months after St. Valentine's Day, but since India is not an especially Christian country, I am willing to accept the official story that today was chosen because it is also the birthday of Prime Minister Nehru, the India's first PM as an independent country, and lover of children.  Uncle Nehru saw children as the future.......

The United Nations has declared November 20 as the official worldwide Children's Day.  The feast is honored in the abeyance in the US, and most often officially observed only in places famous for refugee camps and sweat shops.  Some obscenities never change.


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LPC said...

I think all the world ought to have a Children's Day.