Saturday, November 23, 2013

Make your way as a woman in 18th century England

You are a woman in 18th -century England. This is a tumultuous time in history. The population is rising and urbanization is changing the way that people live and work. But this is part of your environment. You are a white, 21-year old woman who hails from modest, middle-class parents. You live in a small village outside of London, but you have never traveled there. You work hard with your parents in keeping the household running.
You hear a knock at the front door. You recognize the voice of Mr. Snodgrass Bumfrey talking to your father. Mr. Bumfrey is a merchant who will soon inherit a shop in this village from his ailing father.

Run or Stay?  Follow the link and play along with the University of Michigan Department of Education.

On a similar but different topic, from the you knew it had to be some day but hadn't a clue when department: today is Miley's birthday. Save us all. 


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