Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dinosaurs still roam the earth

If you haven't been here long you are unlikely to know that I am a digital dinosaur.  That I continue to roam the earth may be an embarrassment, but digital illiteracy has saved me from of any number of self inflicted jams.

Monday night I NEEDED a pedometer.  Mrs. T had reminded me earlier that I "they said that I was supposed to walk" some magical of steps per day, and while I knew I did, I just had to "know".  That I've never had a pedometer and lived to tell the tale never clicked. Seeing how many steps per day I walked became imperative.

Depending upon your point of view Google has made instant shopping gratification better or worse. Impulsively I Googled pedometers, then pedometer comparisons.  What I learned was that any pedometer worth its salt, not only counted steps, but heart rate, calories burned, time of day and the change in your pocket.  All this data is instantly synched to your smartphone and uploaded to Facebook allowing your friends, health insurance company and the world spy agencies to follow your daily progress.

However dizzyingly hard it may be to imagine, I have neither a smartphone nor Facebook account, hence I was blocked from sharing my vitals with the world.

Disappointed, in my quest, the magnetic pull of exchanging sleep for killing time on an EBAY  felt useful.  Search pedometers on EBAY, tune out anything digital and what your left with is your dad's pedometer, which by the way, the pedometer reviewers said was more accurate than any of the modern stuff.

 EBAY taught me that 10,000 others were once curious enough to pay to learn their step count. Their curiosity lasted 2 days. A year later, answer known, they listed their slightly used pedometer for sale.  Thanks to Google and EBAY I got over myself, quickly, a sadder yet no wiser man.


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James Ireland said...

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