Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sweater, Men's, Wool

Are you a dog walker living in an area where Jack Frost nips at your nose, or is there one on your holiday gift list? If so have I a suggestion.

Each morning I am awoken by my 4 legged friends at precisely the same time and taken for a walk. Lately, the mornings have been cool (read cold and windy) so I've worn several light layers to keep warm and still have mobility. Nothing I tried worked well on windy days.

Perhaps you've seen the J. Peterman winter/holiday catalog. Tucked near the back is item 1149 U.S. Navy Sweater.  "Our navy sweater is made by the same company that supplies the U.S. Navy. 100% Navy wool, mothproofed. Ribbed Cuffs, jersey body, cover stitched seams, low (2.25 inch) turtleneck Rugged, warm, close fitting...)color: midnight black $69
The Navy knows from keeping the wind out.

I fell in love instantly and knew once again the military had come to a civilians rescue, but I was too cheap to pop for Peterman's tariff. A military item ought to be at an Army surplus store shouldn't it? Turns out sweater, men's, wool was harder to find than I expected. Once I learned to ask the right questions the answer appeared. The Navy Deck Sweater is available at Army Navy Sales. $30. and is just as Peterman says it is.

Comes in the original Department of Defense Supply bag. I realize it's hard to get excited over another black mock turtle sweater, but this is the bees knees.  Buy it large you're likely to shrink it.



Anonymous said...

You are the man, thank you Toad. Ordering today.

old polo said...

Peterman is gonna hate you Toad, cause I'm ordering one from your source. Thanks again for helping me out. By the way, I love the pictures.