Monday, May 4, 2009

Ya buy him books...

The dog is not bright.

For 3 years he's been warned almost weekly.

Ted, there are 3 things you are not to mess with. Turkeys will kick your ass, so look up periodically. A roosting turkey leaping from a tree limb will knock you cold.

Number 2, if looks sorta dog like but not really keep away. It's probably hungrier than you, and maybe willing to take a nip. You wouldn't care for it much.

Lastly, not only are owls our friends, they can be mean. Don't attempt to come between an owl and its dinner. You'll lose.

So what does he do?

He snatches an owl.

Without explaining what "it" is. Owls do it. Somewhat territorially. Whoa be the owl who elects to do it, in another owl's territory.

This little guy tried. The big guy in the first picture would have no interlopers while he "ited", and whupped this lad right out of the sky. That's when Ted the Wonder Dog got him.

The whole event was over in seconds. The trespasser had the wind knock out of him and came to, in Ted's caring mouth, then let out a screech that sounded profane. Startled Ted let him go.

After bragging to his friends for a bit, he quietly went to the back of the barn and spit feathers for several hours.. Both the owl and Ted survived. The pecking order understood. Ted is a wiser dog.



Martha said...

Great story and great pictures!

Margaret Roach said...

Everybody is trying to dine on everybody here, too...bullfrogs on birds and rodents, owls and raptors on other birds and anything else that moves, cat on everything (but not allowed out during daylight, when birds are around). One big violent food chain. I am glad the owl survived.

kathleen said...

Yikes. Ted IS a wonder dog! My dogs only dream of such an encounter.

David said...

Yay for Ted giving it a go!

ADG said...

Ok Mr. T.

I finally got around to doing the blog awards post. You are #1