Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Hat Episode

This is the episode where the charming narrator, blithely speaks from both sides of his mouth.

I've long been a hat guy. My aunts used to chide me during my misspent youth to give up on the hats. "It will make you bald", they said. So by age 10 I was warned off one thing would make me bald, another would make me go blind. Today I wear glasses and am bald.

I wear all kinds of hats. My favorite are the geographically challenged Panama hats. I wait all year for summer so I can wear my Optimo with the Bentley Drivers Club hat band. I keep in a supply of each in case I lose one.

Winter its Irish walking hats, fisherman hats, flat caps, deerstalkers or occasionally a Coke.

As much as I enjoy hats, all my life I have had mixed feelings about skimmers, or if you prefer boaters.

Every year about this time come the ads showing boaters and seersucker suits. Skimmers and linen, boaters and...

I just can't wrap my head around it. Somehow to my eye they appear like they are trying too hard. As I write this I've got a Don Ameche movie on in the background. He looks pretty dapper in his, but that was 70 years ago.

I've been ably warned off items I can't wear with aplomb. As much as I want to, as much as I may enjoy buying one, I just can't wanna wear one.

Have a great weekend friends, I'll be back Tuesday.


ADG said...

Good on you Toad for wearing hats. I limit my use to baseball hats. Just can't seem to make it happen otherwise. The Boater...looks good in pictures. Too theatrical otherwise.

David V said...

Hats...must have more hats.
If you wear a coke then you can wear a boater.
I have a boater which I've moved to a hook on the hall tree. That means that, with the right kit, it's a single step to out the door!
As for it looking theatrical, well, what of it?

longwing said...

I can do buckets. Will be giving the telescope a go this summer if I can manage it.

Martha said...

I was sorry when men's hats (real hats -- not baseball caps) went the way of women's gloves . . . .


David V said...

Ah! But they haven't. While you no longer see no women in gloves (a shame)you will see men in real hats. There aren't many of us, but we are out there.

Free Kansas said...

I think that Panama looks firmiliar. If so, I loved it, but don't have the cranial diameter to support it. As for the Bentley band... Nice touch. May you wear it in good health always.