Friday, May 29, 2009

A Shout Out

I would like to give a shout out to an large metropolitan police force on the east coast today. I'm going to be unusually evasive, but I think as you read along you will understand why.

Several people I care a great deal about are room mates. While they may not be the sharpest tools in the shed, eventually they came to realize that one of the room mates was unusually social, and had friends stop by at all hours of the day and night, but they were never interested in coming in. They would knock, say hi and be gone in several minutes.

So they had a come to Jesus and the social room mate admitted he was performing a service to a community in need. It was unanimously agreed the social room mate would leave NOW. And so the roomy left.

Next morning the remaining group went to visit their local gendarmes. To the person at the desk they explained the why of their visit and were invited to have a seat and a magazine and they would be visited soon. So they were, and were whisked to a very nice conference room in the bowels of the police store.

Immediately they were met by 6 suits, put at ease, and asked to tell their story. The men in blue listened, took notes, asked pertinent questions and offered useful advice, and several hours later sent upon their way, with the promise that the men in blue would clear this up quickly, which in fact they did. At no time were the roomies asked their names, asked to sign statements or in any way asked to provide a trail back to themselves.

Now friends, if I went to the Mayberry station house, I have no doubt that within minutes I would be patted on the head thanked and sent home, and nothing would be done.

One great American city police force did their community proud. I thank them.



kathleen said...

That's great. Good for the roomies!

ADG said...

Toad....very nice. On another, more random note...just snagged the Jos Banks Patch Madras sportcoat for 129 bucks. Prolly gonna have to put another 100 in it to get it "right" but was glad to land one.

David said...

Cheers for your friends and that certain east coast police force!

I had a frightening (and in retrospect utterly ridiculous) interaction with two detectives from the KCPD once, and I expect my distaste for "The Popo" to last my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Sure, throw the rascal out. Good job.

But what a sad example of cowardly whimpering and snitch ethics via fear of authority.

Y'all are a bunch of silly, children. Enjoy your madras.

Gladys said...

With my luck they would have arrested me for aiding and abeiting.