Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grand Prix of Monaco

Sunday is the annual running of the Grand Prix of Monaco, the most stylish venue in motorsports. Sleek cars, brave drivers, a city street course and beautiful women. It's a pleasure watching rich people having fun, at one the world's most renown pleasure domes.

Once upon a time, Monaco had a contest to select its frumpiest citizen. The winner was selected to hand out prizes to the race winner. The photo below shows winning frump #1 in the early 60's. The hand shaker is the guy who puts on the race. He is also advising on deportment. Note the fins on the Caddy.

By 1966 the citizens of Monaco had planned to retire the prize. Apparantly, there was but one frump in Monaco, and she was having trouble finding parking downtown on race day, and wanted to give up the honor. The locals chipped in, bought her a decent hat and a make over. Seemingly, she decided to stay on.

1966 winner Jackie Stewart

It's a shame they didn't pick this chic. She lived nearby and had time on her hands.

(1955 Vogue out take)

(sorry Mel)


Kathy said...

The first #1 frump looks like it might have been Elizabeth II, who was born frumpy.

Legallyblondemel said...

I will forgive you, so transfixed am I by my fetching visage in that Vogue photo.

Toad said...

kathy, I always thought the WW2 era photos of Betty weren't half bad.

David said...

Now I may have to rent Rear Window and To Catch a Thief this weekend.

Toad said...

Start with to catch a thief. Cary is better looking than Jimmy, and HRH looks better in it too.