Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nupts- an irregular series

A banner week girls and boys. Love is in the air, and this is over achievers week.

Sabrina & Jamie:The couple met while earning law degrees from Yale. She graduated from Michigan and picked up a masters from Harvard. The groom, no slouch himself graduated from Stanford, picked up a Master's in secondary education from the University of Mississippi (go figure) as well as an MFA in creative writing from Iowa.

Sara & Doug: Sara is an OB/GYN. Doug is in radio. Both grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, attended Brown, and have long time mutual friends, they did not meet until they were fixed up on a blind date. A year later they proposed to each other with Doug's dog along for the show. "We met relatively late in life, but just in the nick of time, says Doug. We were both looking for love and didn't know if we would find it. I'm really happy we did." Doug's dog had no comment.

Harlyn & Srinivas: Classic immigrant kids. She: Wellesley, Boston University, Harvard. Dr. Srinivas: Princeton, Harvard, Harvard.

Georgia and Micah: Did I mention that Georgia is a soprano? She is. Sings opera. Who would have guessed that Micah is a stage manager. See if you can follow along. They met when she ...(sang) in one of Micah's..... operas. Very good. It was love at first sight even though she did not show for the first day of rehearsals. At the end of the run, Micah knew he was a goner. Before they parted ways at the airport, suave Micah picked up a piece of pink string and tied it around her finger with a bow. She said yes.

Brittany and Carlyn: This is one of those things we are going to have to get are arms around if this is to become a better country. Brit is a mental heath counselor. Carlyn is in finance. Carlyn aunt is performing the ceremony. Brittany will take Carlyn's name. How would you ever come to that decision?

Last one, and the one I believe offers the most hope for the future.

Maria and Daniel: Maria is a post doc working in economics. Brown, Chicago, Chicago. Daniel U of Wisc, master's in sociology education from Cambridge, masters in sociology (Chicago) ABD Chicago in sociology. Both are addicted to student loans.

The couple met at a bus stop in Chicago. "He seemed nice", she said. The happened to get off at the same stop, and walked into a grocery store. As he was leaving he bumped into her again. They began a short conversation, ABOUT BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS.

Gents, as a pick up line, I wouldn't recommend it, but it worked for him.

Our best wishes to the happy couples. Thank you NYT.


preppyplayer said...

I am ashamed to say, that the style section of the times is the first part I read.
It is light,entertaining, and enjoyable.
The wedding section is also fun, (better than the obits, but I read that too)
And, it has sure changed! It wasn't too long ago that there wasn't an ethnic name in the bunch, let alone a couple of the same gender. Certain religions weren't allowed either. So, if the NYT is an indication- i'd say we have come along way. Thankfully.

Mrs. Blandings said...

The pink string? Who wouldn't be a goner. That will end up in a movie somewhere.

Legallyblondemel said...

Oh, how the NYT nupt's amuse me. So wonderful how it has evolved from the WASP hunting grounds to strictly a "Brown/ Harvard / Yale" resume thing.

I'm with Mrs. Blandings - that pink string has "Tom Hanks rom-com" written all over it.