Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shirts part 3

I suspect you would have never guessed me as a man of pet peeves. Well, you'd have been wrong.

I seem to acquire them every wherever I go.

Last week Kathy asked how I came to know so much about clothing. The real answer is I have pet peeves.

Look closely at the picture above. My second greatest clothing pet peeve is shirts that ride out of a waistband as you stretch, sneeze, shift,reach and grab. There are two reasons this occurs, and each have to deal with sizing.

The two shirts in the picture above are the same size, and are hanging at the same length. But the gingham shirt is 2 inches longer. Why? The manufacturer cares. Longer tails stay in place.

I have only found long tails on American shirts through bespoke shirt makers. Lands End custom does a very good job. The white shirt is off the rack Brooks Brothers OCBD. The gingham is British shirtmaker Harvie and Hudson. English shirts come this way. They are a pleasure to wear. I'd happily pay a couple of extra bucks for a shirt that stays put.

As you can tell, Harvie and Hudson came through, customs received their duties and the shirts arrived Saturday. Well made, good fabric, nice details, no fit.

Returned on Monday. I was impressed enough by the quality to consider their bespoke service, but not soon.



Dumbwit Tellher said...

Although a woman, I know what you mean. Nothing is more annoying (except my neighbor's this morning!), than tails that don't stay tucked in. If your long waisted it's torture.

Leave it to the Brit's!

Kathleen said...

Oh, darn! I really liked the checked one.

Toad said...

So did I. The search continues.

Dominique said...

So now what? Surely someone here can make these up for you? My pet peeve is that NOTHING in women's fashion is ever as good, as reliable, as well made, as durable, and as consistently available as menswear. Beginning with pajamas.