Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All ideas gladly accepted

Choosing to ignore technology does not make it go away, it merely postpones decision making. So once again friends I solicit your help.

I need to replace our CD player, why do they only last a year? I don't necessarily need to replace it with a CD player though.

The new device has several requirements.

1. Needs to be fairly cheap.
2. I need to be able to connect it to our A/B box, so I can hear it wherever I want.
3. A shuffle feature would be nice.

Sounding to me like I finally want an IPOD, but do they hook up to external speakers? Would magic box 442 make it work?

Sorry to be back to the well so soon, but y'all seem to know everything.



longwing said...

Toad, I have ditched CDs finally and replaced with iPod. You can get a cable that goes from the iPods dock jack to the auxilary or cd inputs on a traditional amp/receiver. You should be aware though that the iPod puts out a considerably lower voltage than your CD player so you will have to crank the volume up on the amp to compensate. Not a problem unless you have a low power amp or frequently switch from one source to another, thus causing the need to adjust the volume.

Moving the CD collection to the iPod is a chore but you can move them much faster than you can listen to them. For me, CD storage has always been a bigger problem than LP storage ever was so good riddance to all that.

One more thing, if you entertain at home the iTunes software and iPod make creating party mixes a snap.

Cathy said...

While not inexpensive, I love my iPod Nano with Bose dock and speakers. I loaded all my CDs into iTunes then put all music on the iPod (easy, peasy and I am no techno wiz). IPod clicks into dock in the Bose speaker system. Sound quality is good, plus the speaker thingy is small and light weight so easy to move from room to room. I don't move it often but can take from office to sewing room when I want to. Then it is versatile because I can listen to the iPod with earphones at other times, like when walking or exercising. Next step will be to get some sort of device for the car so I can hook up the iPod there.

Katy McIntyre said...

When you decide to make the leap to ipod, let me know. I'm happy to help with your conversion. I think you'll be very happy with an IPOD.

Toad said...

It's good to have direction. Thanks to each of you. Our house is reinforced by speaker wire, and it seems to be annual chore to find a music source.

What's time on the patio without tunes?