Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tree Art?

Tree faces are a popular method of adding whimsy to an otherwise staid garden setting. My grand daughters gave me one for Christmas, and we spent an enormous energy selecting just the right tree to become king of our Ents. It was worth the added effort, and now we know who is boss.

Yesterday, I was enjoying breakfast, minding my own business, thumbing through the Plow and Hearth catalog and came across these little items. I have a whimsical side, and believe in fairy gardens, unfortunatly this particular need passed me right by.

If you have the need, and your trees are look a little bare, you may want to pick one or two of these little treasures. If you have enough trees, perhaps one for everyone. It would be like having your own hobbit village

I haven't a clue how to decide, and no, my granddaughters are not available to help.


ADG said...

Toad....I think the tree face kit that your grands bestowed on you is way cool. I'd stop at that though. Too much of the door-window-shutter thang's gonna look Keebler Elfish and my sense is that you aren't seeking that theme at Toad Hall.

laurelstreet said...

I'm in for the doors and windows. Too cool.

BTW - here's a follow up on your recent comments about the service at Commander's. We went last night to celebrate the re-fi of the mortgage.

The head waiter delivered the specials in a rote sing-song while his eyes roamed everywhere else in the room but in the general direction of our table. Following that, I received two "'scuse my reaches" from the waiters who seemed incapable of plotting any course that avoided the no-fly zone of my dinner plate.

Then, we asked for a recommendation of one of the eight Sancerres on the wine list - all priced within $10 of each other. (Do you really need to keep eight on the list?) I was more than a bit surprised by a "well, how much do you want to spend?" Ghastly.

The food, however, was wonderful.

Gail, northern California said...

Humoring the grand-girls...a must. Anything beyond that, I'd just keep truckin'.

I'm wondering if devastation of your azaleas hasn't sent you right over the edge. Get some rest, Toad.

Toad said...

LS: I think you were treated like royalty at Commanders. It is a shame the food is so good, with so many great options it would be easy to forget.

Do you know from Brigtsen's?

A rest is certainly in order. I'm spending the day cleaning up storm damage.


Yourv tree art is nice. Its the Scandic immigrant influence I suppose.

Toad said...

I think it's too much Irish whiskey