Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Winner

Thank you to all who played, but a winner has been selected.

It has been fairly cool lately in Mayberry, so earlier in the week I designated today as the day I would move many of my fall jackets from storage to my closet. Naturally, today was unseasonably hot, humid and overcast all day. We are promised an inch or two of rain this evening and another 3 or 4 inches tomorrow as Ike screams 800 miles north.

While moving the jackets I came across 4 yards of the fabric shown above. It is not tweed, but lambswool. I remember being somewhat disappointed when it arrived last winter, as I felt that it was dangerously close to the fabric I used in last years jacket.

This is last years coat. It is a 13 oz. "Best of Both" tweed, which I acquired through the limited edition selection through The London Lounge. I absolutely adore this coat, and became very angry with myself towards the end of the season as it, through no fault of the tailor, did not fit as well as it did earlier. I have since rectified that, for now.

So weather permitting, and if the creek don't rise, Monday I'm off, probably to copy last years coat.

However, it may open up the possibility of round two.

In the back of my mind, I am mulling over, in honor of our Scottish family member, the idea of a double breasted black watch tartan jacket for the holidays. I'm having trouble sourcing the fabric, so if you have any strong ideas one way or the other about the jacket, or have a good source for wool tartan fabric please let me know.


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Katy McIntyre said...

Put a request on I guarantee someone will contact you with a good fabric connection.