Friday, September 19, 2008

Be Nice Day

Our friend the Preppy Engineer has declared September 19th as Be NiceDay.
For further details check here I wholly recommend such a day. One little word of encouragement at the right time can change someone's life. We do not have the right to squander the opportunity.

And now for something completely different. It's becoming wide wale cord season. The cloth of Kings. I like cords and wear them year round. I picked these up on Ebay yesterday. For the past several years I have grown a penchant for embroidered cords. They go well with tweed jackets or just a sweater. Pair them with dirty bucks, or chukka boots or brown suede loafers and you have the perfect fall outfit.

Looks great on girls too.


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Mom on the Run said...

It doesn't get cool enough for cords here until Halloween, but I'm packing some for Minnesota today!

What shall I bring for Thanksgiving? I don't do green bean casserole. ;-}