Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Paean

Many years ago now, Mrs. T and I were seated with 2 gentlemen from Louisville, at a banquet of some kind. As evenings like that go, a lot of stories were told, glasses were raised, lies were swapped and friendships forged. I have no idea who those two were, but I to this day I remember the most overserved one's parting comment. He told us, that "if the gods have created something more wonderful than women, they haven't yet deemed to share it with us". I know he was right.

This humble forum may be most unsuitable, but I want to spend this time to to honor the many women in my life who have taken many pains to make me the man I became. I was a horrible as their student, sorely disappointing to all who picked me up when I fell down, carried me when I couldn't manage myself, consoled me when I screwed up, counseled me when I didn't want it and needed counselling, taught me, corrected me, loved me and forgave me. Repeatedly.

I said, I was a horrible student. Remember the old story? 1st man says "I should have listed to my mother" 2nd man"What she say?" 1st man "I don't know I wasn't listening." 1st man may have speaking about me.

I may not have immediately taken their consul, but I must have internalized it, because I eventually got it. It may have taken 45% of my anticipated lifetime, but I got it, finally. I hope to honor those women every day, by being the man I was meant to be, and they knew I could be.

Today, I am the happiest married boy that ever was. Each day I wake up I am happier than I was the day before. It's an extraordinary feeling.

To those wonderful women, I am genuinely sorry, and apologize for what I did not do sooner. I sincerely thank you too. I needed you then and without you I wouldn't be here now.


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