Sunday, September 14, 2008

Odds and Ends

1.. Who is Rue La La and why does he send the UPS man to my house several times a week?

Mrs. T, looking over my shoulder, tells me that this is an invitational shopping site which schedules and holds sales of name brand goods,both high and mid end, in limited numbers. Participants are invited to access the site. I am not shilling for RLL, but if you are interested I'm sure that Mrs T will hook you up. Happy Holidays!

2. Will KU's athelic director rethink his scheduling policy. 99% of the large school football teams fill their early season non-conference schedules with patsies, its good for the economy. Not only does KU schedule a fairly tough school, they have the temerity to lose. What really upsets me is that #1 son and I generally wager $1mm per game, double or nothing, and we forgot to this week. Now I get to take KU against Sam Houston State.

3. I am an inveterate people watcher, and have long been troubled by the following. Very often I will see young couples out and about, in what passes for a date these days. Invariably, the girl is well turned out, for the evening. He looks like he just rolled out of bed.

I realize that women dress to impress other women, but if just one time she said to the slob, go home and change I'll wait for you. The world would become a better place. If two women did it, it would start a movement, if 50 women a day.....

End of my rant.



Katy McIntyre said...

you have a typo in your rue la la link. should be :-)
Please ask Bonus why this is the first I'm hearing of this site??

Toad said...

Address as posted is correct thank you.

Mom on the Run said...

We have a Christmas tour of homes (the Pilgrimage) every year the first weekend of December. It rotates between three historic districts and won't be back to our neighborhood for two years. They may put the house on tour then. Stay tuned.

No information for this year up yet but for past tours you can look at

Easy and Elegant Life said...

It's a movement that is long overdue. And thank you for pointing out what should be obvious to the offenders. She made the effort, return the favour.

Albert Akashi said...


Does the ruelala site have men's clothing? If so, I would be interested in signing up.