Friday, September 26, 2008

Picks, Pans and other nuisances

NIGHTS IN RODANTHE: As my bonus daughter says, "I feel, that I see too many chick flix". That's not all bad, in fact it could be plausibly argued that when it is my turn to pick our date movies, I choose as many weepers as not. I know what is good for me.

So, this evening it seems I picked "Nights in Rodanthe" with Richard Gere, and Dianne Lane. I ask honestly, except for perhaps, An Officer and a Gentleman, and Pretty Woman has Richard Gere made a movie worth seeing twice? Most are even safely missable the first time.

In our house, the rating scale finds "The Deep End of the Ocean" at the nadir, I wanted to slash my wrists when I came out of there, to Sleepless, An affair to remember or perhaps even..., at the top Nights in Rodanthe while not bad, is not the weeper its made out to be. Guys don't go. I made an inappropriate comment at the very end and left the theatre in fear of my life. I'd rank it somewhere around "Message in a Bottle".

ANOTHER IRRITANT: Cost based shipping
I do a lot of on line buying. I'd rather avoid the mall, and do not really enjoy shopping. Generally, I know what I want, search on line for the best price, and let the mailman carry my treasures home for me. I understand the shopping can be fun, even sport, but leave me out, please.

The explosive growth of EBAY has done for shipping costs, what multiple the long distance companies did for LD costs. Drove the price to near zero. So why do so many companies base shipping costs on the value of your purchase. The more you spend the more you pay? I think not. I expect to have no influence in this matter, but I notified and have stopped buying from merchants who continue this practice.

I find I may be becoming too old to enjoy E's The Soup. While I do enjoy watching, sometimes its just too much for my taste. But, have you ever seen The Dish, Saturday nights, on E's sister channel, Style? Covers much of the same territory, but bit less snarky, and more girl oriented.

Have a great weekend.


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Katy McIntyre said...

I seem to have missed this post earlier in the week. I have learned over time not to see Nicholas Sparks movies. His books are really good but most of the movies (with the exception of The Notebook - ultimate chic flick) are pretty lame. Love you!