Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall is coming

Today was a perfect Fall afternoon. Sunny, light breeze, high in the low 60's. For the first time this season fall was definitly in the air.

As the change of seasons always does it got me thinking its time for a new tweed jacket.

My first choice is this number.

100% Cheviot New Wool, but about 17 ounces. May be a bit heavy, but will wear like iron.

The second choice is: Same material, same weight, same concerns

My third option is: Much lighter at about 12 onces. Seems kinda boring.

I welcome your comments and votes.



Sir Fopling Flutter said...

Option 1.

It's a great looking pattern. You can dress it up or down easily -- wear it with smart grey or brown flannels (with or without a tie), or khakis, or jeans.

Option 2 looks good also, but not as versatile I think. Option 3 is old man-ish, at least to my eyes.

Free Kansas said...

Definately #1.

With some nice olive, or hunter green, wide-whale cords. And don't forget the Crocodile skin Gold Collection Sperry Top Siders.