Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunday at the Coliseum

So Mrs. T comes home today, and says to me " Honey, I've got a surprise for you. I was accosted while out by our good friend (who shall remain nameless) and she gave me 2 tickets for Sunday's football game, in the company suite, free food, free drinks and free parking, wanna go?" .

As I have publically admitted, I am not a football fan, and the last game I can accurately remember attending was the Sunday before Thanksgiving 1975. I wanna go Sunday, why?

Let me tell you why. I always enjoy watching the lions eat the christians. The local team is hapless, and the media have been out for the coach's head for the past month. I've long felt underdogs should be kicked. Hard. The locals will be routed, the fans will be bloodthirsty, it's gonna be ugly. A near perfect fall Sunday.

Now if I can just get over my dislike of crowds, noise, football and whiney multi-millionares.

More later!

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