Thursday, May 2, 2013

In honor of Colorado

In the old days I would periodically post wedding stories that struck me as interesting enough to share. In honor of the state of Colorado's implementation of same sex civil unions, I thought it appropriate to reprise an oldie.

August 9, 2009
Let's Modernize Weddings

For years, I have begun my Sundays by reading the NY Times Vows section. The sense of hope and optimism on display has long been a tonic to the rest of the paper. I still enjoy it, but its also beginning to bring me down. Allow me to explain.

Take Sunday's paper for example. Twenty nine couples exchanged vows. Most weddings were performed by traditional priests, rabbis or ministers in traditional churches, temples, or synagogues. Almost half were married in what would have been considered a non traditional setting, not many years ago.

Twenty four per cent of the weddings were conducted by folk who mailed in a check and won an ordination. Think about this a bit.

We've all been to those weddings where the newly Rev'ed, Aunt Jane, is the officiant. These weddings always feel like a mixed metaphor to me. If the betrothed do not want a religious ceremony why go through the hassle?

I am beginning to prefer the Colorado method.

In Colorado, and probably many of the formerly frontier states, a couple is considered married, when and if, they say they are. End of story. No preachers, Justice of the Peaces, judges or anyone else required. Makes perfect sense. Probably gives the family law attorneys fits too.

Currently, this right does not extend to all Colorado's citizens and that's not fair. Hopefully, we will overcome that prejudice soon.


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Anonymous said...

Go Colorado. The state is making social progress in many areas. Now, if CO could just make some progress in the weather dept. we'd be set. I should not have 6" of snow on my deck on May 2nd. - KT :)