Thursday, May 23, 2013

Before Facebook

Once upon a time, before Facebook turned status declarations digital  it was a custom amongst teens for the guys to give their class ring to their steady girlfriend as a public demonstration that they were a couple, which often as not p***** off the girl's mother.  Naturally, the ring never fit her and ingenious ways were created to make it fit.

Having the ring resized was not an option, so some girls purchased a ring guard, which was placed around the shank of the ring.  If memory serves it rarely worked, so the next best option was to wear the ring on a necklace.  Most girls however settled for a strip of athletic tape wound through the band.

I have never removed my wedding band, and I rarely take off the signet ring. However, on 3 occasions since Friday my wedding band has slipped off, twice I didn't notice it gone but Mrs.T did, fortunately quickly.  I will have it professionally resized, just not yet.  In the meantime I've stocked up on tape.



Anonymous said...

You are reaping the rewards of discipline/the gym, congratulations, Sir! I see a big decision looming: take these too-big clothes to the Salvation Army, or to the tailor. Again, rousing congratulations!


David V said...

Yarn wrapped around the back of the ring was the Chicagoland method I recall.

Toad said...

yarn is so better! One can only resize so often. This summer nothing fits, next will need to re-stock.

Ricky Rowe said...

I hope you’ve found the time to have your ring professionally resized by now. You wouldn’t want to wait for another occasion for it slip off, and risk losing it for good. I guess it’s a good thing that you rarely take it off, anyway. Take care!

Ricky Rowe @ Find A Jewelry Expert