Saturday, May 11, 2013

Like I'd trust you

The weather has been near perfect for mushroom hunting in Mayberry woods.  Plenty of rain, cool night temps, daily highs not so high, yet my memory is poor so I am pleasantly surprised each spring when the fungi appear.   I awoke yesterday to a ground swell  everywhere we mulched last fall. I immediately invited my bride to share our bounty. She rained on my parade. Had I better memory I would have remembered we had this discussion last year as well.

"What do you know about mushrooms?", she inquired.  "Not a damn thing, nor I don't particularly like eating mushrooms."  The conversation went downhill from there.  Supposedly there are a trillion or so varieties of mushrooms.  Some you can eat, some will make you ill, some will drop you dead.

Unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing, it is best to leave wild mushrooms alone, the penalty for poor performance is great while the markup at the neighborhood farmers market isn't so high as to be off putting.  And it's good to have someone else to blame.

Welcome spring.



Kathleen said...

Mushrooms are so interesting. We've had some strange looking crops of them in the yard this year. But, no foraging.

Karen Albert said...

True Toad they are interesting little creature like things...popping up here and there!

Art by Karena

maude said...

We have had one growing in our backyard for several months. It is such a strange shape and color that I have been weed-wacking around it because it's just too cool to mow over:)