Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A confession

For years I have preached that straw boaters were appropriate for men only after they begin to collect full social security benefits. A hat that went out of fashion upon the death of John Dillinger (1934) is not for the young. Verily it's true, gravitas is necessary to keep the hat from wearing you.

Well, rules are meant to be broken, and I have broken mine...sort of.

I spent parts of several days searching for my copy of Mike, the Vanity Fair print shown above. I searched unsuccessfully, but looking at Mike's photo reminded me of my father, in the late '50's, taking me with him when he bought his boater. Passing that same shop last week, I stopped knowing I was leaving with a skimmer of my own.

Now that it's here I have come to several conclusions. First, I am surprised at how dressy it feels, it makes me stand up straighter and take notice. A skimmer needs a coat and tie to keep from becoming a cartoon hat. Next, I like it. It is cool, comfortable and feels good on. Finally, I have been right all along. Like love, it would be wasted on the young. Of course my bride hates it, and so the hat and I are going to age gracefully until our time comes.



M.Lane said...

Good for you! I have had a straw boater [purchased from Brooks Bros.] for quite a few years but then I live in the Deep South where such things are forgiven. I may have even posted about it one time. I love it. My wife and son LOATHE it. HAHA.


David V said...

Love my boater. Wife loves it too...just not my wearing it. If our Northern Midwest weather would settle down, I may get to wear it to church.

Toad said...

David: weather has been my greatest obstacle this year as well.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think I could love any of your headers better than the magnolia boughs in front of Toad Hall, but this one featuring Mr. Adorable himself takes the prize!


Old Polo said...

My Friend, This is the best! A great header and an inspiration. I have been waiting for a nudge, and you, my friend, have given me the push.

Patsy said...

Lovely boater, Toad! You look very handsome.

I may want one...I wonder how they look on women?

Anonymous said...

Toad's boater rocks.

Toad said...

Gatsby be damned thanks to your encouragement the boater stays

Brohammas said...

some occasions still call for kids in boaters.