Thursday, May 16, 2013

Public Service Announcement IV

Topeka Capital Journal photo

One of the responsibilities of being male is bearing the burden of the "I'm right" gene.  Men know what's best, and are intolerant of those who believe otherwise.  That's why we do most of the things we do, we do it our way, not someone else's.  I am here today gentlemen to ask you to do something another way.

The fire crew in the photo above is at the home of lifelong friends of people we love.  The fire investigator suggests that the probably avoidable fire was caused by a series of events many of us are guilty of.  The day was hot and Dad having just finished cutting the grass put the lawnmower away.  It is speculated the still hot mower was parked too near a gas can in an enclosed garage.  The heat from the mower... gas fumes... fire truck.

For 50 years, that's the way he did it without a problem.  Neither dad nor anyone on his street will ever do it dad's way again.  You shouldn't either.



exterior veneer said...

that is true. bearing the burden of the "I'm right" gene is the right lines of male. xo
- Vinnie

Barbara said...

Oh dear. That's a shame.