Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanks for...

Yesterday's Thanksgiving feast provided an opportunity for each of us to to take a moment, open our gratitude journal and reflect on just how good we have it. In your heart you know, however bad things are, they could be much worse. I'm grateful I don't work in retail this month and/or celebrate Black Friday.

Last August, a dear friend of ours gave birth, much too early, to her first child. The baby girl arrived weighing 1.2 pounds (.54 kilos)at birth. Mom is well, and the baby is growing, albeit slowly. Yesterday,the new parents celebrated their daughter's first Thanksgiving grateful that she has grown into the next larger size diaper, from right to left.

Count your blessings, and shop till you drop.



Anonymous said...

Across the miles, across the internet, looking at those two open palms, weeping real tears for their little girl fighting so hard to pick up strength. Please give those brave parents a big lot of love from Florida.


ps: spammers, leave this blog alone, go find someone else to torment.

naveed qumer said...
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