Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh Happy Day

I've been dreading this phone call, but knew I couldn't put it off any longer.  I called the car wizard of Baltimore, hoping I wouldn't have to mortgage the house when it was over. Mostly, I feared Mrs. T. I knew,  I'd pay for this the rest of my life, but I  didn't want to consider selling body parts. We've grown attached.

"It's all done", said the Wiz, "the amount was nominal, so we just fixed it, in fact the towing was the biggest cost."  I offered to kiss him on the lips, anything so the dream to linger.  All was right with my world.  "The car is in really great shape too, someone really took care of it."  To my ears that was right up there with "I do."

Now comes the hard part, bringing it home.  My plate is full.    Anyone have kids coming towards Mayberry  for Thanksgiving?



ADG said...

I'll drive it!

Gail, in northern California said...

Perfect solution. Maxminimus to the rescue!

Merry Wife said...

Good news from the mechanic is a rare and wondrous thing. I hope your car comes home soon.

David said...

I love a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY for you! And a little bit jealous too, that is a handsome car. Enjoy it.


heavy tweed jacket said...

This is a riveting series. After the car has arrived safely to its new home at the manor you will have a great story and car. "Oh Happy Day," indeed.

OP said...

Wonderful! Are you sure that you want a college age driver? Sorry that I'm on the wrong side of Mayberry. Keep us posted Toad.

Toad said...

I couldn't wait for Thanksgiving if I tried. I've booked passage, and hope to have it home by the end of next week.

Anonymous said...

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