Thursday, November 29, 2012

geo harrison died

During the heyday of Beatlemania, the prime time disc jockey of the local teen radio station would nightly call a then Mayberry gal in an attempt to get the latest scoop in the world of the Beatles. The gal was George's sister Louise. Every now an then she would quietly drop a "Oh George is over for dinner, would you like a word with him?", and George would spend the next 3 minutes BSing how much fun he was having at our expense.

George soon became my favorite Beatle. It's hard to believe I've outlived two of the fab four. George died on this date in 2001.


PS: I am going to have limited access to the internet over the next 2 days, so I will preemptively block annon comments in my absence. Flo, I apologize.

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