Thursday, February 2, 2012


I caught a lot of off line grief over my white oxford cloth suit idea. Not having given up hope that my critics are perhaps over zealous in their condemnation I purchased the necessary fabric and will let it stew in a drawer for a while. We'll see.

As an instead, I also ordered a quantity of white on white seersucker fabric. I'd never seen w/w seersucker before and was captivated immediately. The fabric puckers much more like a BB seersucker than a Haspel, for which I am thankful.

So the game is afoot. My appointment is set for Monday with the alchemist. So what shall I do?

Since it's to be a casual summertime suit, my plan is for something uncommon, and a little bit unexpected. Say an unlined, shawl collared, 6 into 1 double breasted suit, inspired by the top photo, which recently won the Summer Snapshot contest at The Cable Knit Charlestonian. Horsey back, patch and flap pockets. I'm set on the collar but am happy to hear your suggestions otherwise. Let 'er rip.

Happy Groundhog Day. Should the weather over the next 2 months stink, it will still have been a great winter.



Old Polo said...

Good looking cigar there Mr. Toad.

Anonymous said...

You! Look! Mahvullus!

Congratulations on your win, too!

Oh man, that white jacket you're wearing, it's luscious. I must say, I particularly like how the lower pockets are "inset" without flap or patch visible, a stroke of genius to clean those elements up so the shawl reigns supreme, even the same-color buttons sit in the backseat to the shawl. Nice.

One of each; one in oxford, one in seersucker.


ms. mindless said...

The seersucker is perfect. Who's your source?

JeanMarie said...

Love the seersucker, still some reservation regarding the appearance of the Oxford cloth at the end of a humid summer day.

Toad said...

The learned opinions I've received tell me that the pants look like wrinkled oxford cloth at the end of an hour, while the jacket stays nicer far longer. You look like a mess on the bottom and sorta neat on top. I'd rather they both looked like hell. Might make good separates.

Anonymous said...

Go with the seersucker. The fabric will have enough body to hang properly and all white will be sensational.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to see how this turns out. Like you, I've never seen the white on white before. You may appear as a cross between Tom Wolfe and Mark Twain!

Toad said...

Certainly not bad company, Terri

Giuseppe said...

Here goes:

4x2 double breasted, shawl collar, open patch pockets, side vents.

Forward pleated trousers, no belt loops, buckle side tabs, 2 inch cuffs.

In white oxford cloth.

Where it always with a blue shirt and black tie.

It will be a good way.

2 cents, your welcome.

Richard said...

The white oxford sport coat is both innovative and smart in my opinion. It will have a lovely texture and appearance. I own an oxford cloth sport coat in the traditional blue. Its awesome. Don't let the haters keep you from doing something cool. I also like the white on white seersucker. I have seen this cloth before, and once in a suit. Brooks Brothers usually carries this offering in the MTM. Its a great alternative to the cream linen suit.

Richard said...

Don't wear the oxford cloth or any white suit with a black tie. One will instantly look like Colonel Sanders. Pair it with a light blue dress shirt and a navy club tie or spotted tie. Red is another good option.