Friday, February 10, 2012

Odds and Ends or how not to date your cousin

I. Cousin Dating?

Looking for some tie to the Onion, I found none, still I take this with a grain of salt, especially since my Icelandic is sparce at best. Iceland is a small country, with a population near the size of Pittsburgh Pa. It's also a place that, at least since Lief Ericson, has had few immigrants, so over time the gene pool, while pure Icelandic may be a little too close for comfort.

To solve the unpredictable problem of picking up your cousin in a bar, crafty locals (Mormons?) have created a searchable database, the Islendingabok (the book of Icelanders)available to all natives, in which users plug their name along side that of their prospect to determine familial overlap. The site claims to track 1200 years of genealogical information.

Anyone searching for a get rich quick scheme, and who is a bit tech savvy could create and sell similar systems in bars all across small town America.



GP said...

Let's Build A Smarter Planet

Free Kansas said...

Finally, there's an app for that!

Old Polo said...

Definitely needed in Wyoming.