Sunday, February 26, 2012

milestone birthdays

Talking with yesterday's birthday girl reminded me of when I was her age.

Once upon a time, was an era known as "the good old days", life was simpler, even though we didn't know it then or even have personal computers, and televisions had only 3 channels.

Part of the simplicity of life was enforced by the "mom network". When I was growing up rarely, did mothers work outside the home, and to keep from going bonkers they got involved with church and their kid's schools. They knew their kid's teachers, friends and their friend's parents. Since the parents knew each other, parental peer pressure created a semi-mythical timeline of what privileges kids were allowed when. Only the bravest mother deviated from her "community standard"

I don't remember the girl birthday milestone's, but birthday presents for boys were set in stone:

7 YO's got a new bike.
8 yo's a new baseball mitt and bat
10's upgraded to a 3 speed bike
somewhere around 12 a record player or a transistor radio
until at 15 (remember these nailed to the wall) you might get a phone extension for your room.
Any 16 yo in my neighborhood imagining they would receive their own car was smoking crack.

Asking Liz about her 12th birthday yesterday, set me on this reminiscence. All she wanted to talk about was her new cell phone, while here I sit, the last American adult without his own cell phone, wondering how the world changed so much, so quickly.



Suburban Princess said...

What amazes me is that is changed so one generation!

I remember when I was 12...we got our ears pierced for our birthday. And that was a HUGE milestone...a rite of passage. Sometimes I feel like kids now never get the opportunity to mark their lives and work for luxuries.

Anonymous said...

"here I sit, the last American adult without his own cell phone"

Move over, I don't have one either. I don't want one, please don't make me have one of those things.


Old Polo said...

Does that ever bring back the memories Toad. No telephone extensions for me! But I was driving at age 11. Lived on a ranch, so it was necessary that I acquire that skill set early. One channel on the TV

GP said...

Still, I much appreciate being able to see your blog on my phone -- some bloggers have not paid attention to this audience and convenience. So, maybe you're just a step away from joining the "smart phone" carrying crowd?

Toad said...

Like Flo, I simply do not want a phone and am I'm unlikely to ever have one, but if I can make these pages more easily read on smartphones, let me know. I'm retrainable.