Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Florence Green-RIP

Two weeks shy of her 111 birthday, Florence Green, who was 17 when she entered the Woman's Royal Air Force, died in her sleep Saturday. She was believed to have been the last surviving World War 1 veteran.



Patsy said...

I read about her. When she was asked how being 110 felt, she said it was not much different than being 109.

Toad said...

Not much peer pressure either

Anonymous said...

Is this how wars end?

Anonymous said...

"Not much peer pressure either"

The double edge of a long, long life.

If Florence had had the long memory and constant companion of a computer, the absence of peers might have been less intense. I hope she was able to enjoy human AND cyber companionship in her later years.


LPC said...

I find this very heartening.