Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Carla's welcome here

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Italian gal who is the current First Lady of France, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Speaks passable English, with an adorable accent, is easy on the eyes, has her own spending money, cooks like an Italian, and probably has access to cellars of decent French wine and cheeses, a near perfect sister wife for Mrs. T. Sadly for me, Carla is married, seemingly happily, so no such arrangement is immediately forthcoming. Getting Mrs. T's buy in was always problematic.

Progress may be made on a second front however. Ms. B-S has been asked to model for a statue commemorating women factory workers, which is to be erected in the Paris suburb of Nogent-Sur-Marne. Imagining Carla, as a factory worker, may be a bit of a stretch perhaps, but such is life in France. The idea of a life sized bronze statue with Ms. Bruni-Sarkozy's likeness, a bargain at 80,000 Euros, considering a single photograph of her sold last weekend for $91,000 USD , is not going down well with the locals. The local NIMBY's (not in my back yarders) are in revolt.

In the spirit of improving Franco-American relations, I invite the powers that be to relocate the statue to my house. I'll donate the space, and personally invite Carla to be present for the unveiling. No protests will mar the occasion, I promise. Afterward she is welcome to visit her likeness whenever she's in town. Powers that be may reach me here.



Ian from Downunder said...

Ah Toad, you're such a gracious gentleman. If the NIMBYs force the French authorities to consider Toad Hall, Mrs T may not be pleased with the crowds or with the loving attention you will no doubt shower on Carla. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Midnight in Paris? She has a bit part. What a charming movie.

Toad said...

Ian I mostly agree, but in this case the NIMBY'ers are 5000 miles away, so I won't have to chase off too large or angry a mob. Think I might get what I wish for? I could wish for a lot.

Anon, someone in our home hates Woody Allen (that stepdaughter thing). I am on a wait list for a copy of the DVD from the bibliotech, one day next week it is likely to arrive.

Anonymous said...

She looks a LOT like Mrs. T., you are fortunate indeed.


Toad said...

Thank you Flo. I'll tell her, it may help.

a n t o n n i a said...

I am a woman, but I adore Carla Bruni. What I love about her is her music. I have been listening to all of her albums on Spotify. If you have not explored Spotify: DO IT NOW. You can listen to almost any album you can think of. I searched for Carla Bruni and got all of her albums. I keep it on continuous play to keep me at my desk. Did I mention that it is free? Mhmmm.
I must give a hat tip to French Blue Who has been playing the most charming music on her blog and one of the artists is Carla Bruni. I'm sure Mrs. T will be enchanted. ;)