Monday, December 27, 2010

Scotland or bust

I needed somewhere to enjoy my balmoral in comfort so while you wasted your day wondering how to get out of town before the storm, I was invested as Laird, Toad of Dunans Castle (Glendaruel, Argyll Scotland). No longer need I rely upon my beloved son in laws family's good nature to assure my teeny bit of Scots ancestry. I'm a landowner, a Laird, likely eventually a tax payer, my sons conscripts of the homeland of Bobby Burns.

It's not my fault our new family castle burned the day before my 1st wedding anniversary, and lies now in ruin. I had pleaded with Fergus to forgo mains electric, but no. Retainers feel they know best. Mercifully, the cellar was saved.

Being Laird of the Manor comes with any number of pleasantries. Use of this catchy stationary.

A Lairdship certificate, suitable for framing, and impressive title when making dinner reservations on date night Friday.

Fishing rights.

Most importantly use of the estate tartan,

and estate tweed, as soon as I design it.

If you are in the neighborhood drop in, as long as you don't mind the taste of burnt cork.

Laird Toad


Suburban Princess said...

When are you going to see to your newly aquired land?

I have heard of people doing this...I just didn't think people outside of Scotland would do it lol....tho I supposed it's a bit like owning a star :O)

Congratulations Laird!

James said...

When your have your first gathering of the clan call me and I'll help storm the neighbor's castle.

preppyplayer said...

Will it be like Braveheart and will Mel be there?
or is this a different Scotland?

SouthernProletariat said...

But does it come with a ghost? Every good castle (or plantation house for that matter) should have a good ghost associated with it...

heavy tweed jacket said...

Congratulations on your elevation, your lairdship. Any chance of handing the land and castle over to the National Trust, getting them to fix it, and then living in it? Nice stationary.

Toad said...

Preppy player I was thinking something more along the lines of the Ealing Studios classic Whisky Galore, and Mel wouldn't be much welcome anyway. Maybe Craig Ferguson could join us.

Southern P, I plan to become the resident ghost, all in good time.

HTJ: comes with suitable business cards as well.

NCJack said...

I want to be a Margrave of something, is there some general Euro commission I should contact?

Toad said...

All Euro's may be sent here for consideration.

Avril, I like to think of my little patch of Scotland as a star, with good stationary.

T said...

If the house dram is anything like Laphroaig, I'll pass.

Toad said...

T, don't tell but the house swill is likely to be Irish whiskey, not whisky.