Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Solstice

Our Family Astronomer Royal, Dr. Richard Schwartz reminds us that today is the winter solstice. High Holy days for for my ancient Celtic ancestors. Coupled with last night's lunar eclipse he is giddy with excitement. So let us rejoice. The dark days are behind us, the days grow longer, spring is not far.

The Irish born, Catholic nuns of my youth were big on making little children recite. Poetry, bits of verse, catechism it made no difference. "Stand up straight Toad, give us the first 10 lines of..." I can conjure up those memories at will. My favorite was and is by Robert Frost, a poem suitable and fitting for this glorious day.

and finally,


As days shrink

to the size of a small doorway,

darkness dominates

like a protective dome

in the star arched sky.

We frenzied town dwellers

seek security

in hyperactivity:

buy bigger presents,

indulge in more parties.

Beyond the entrance we call ‘Winter’

lies a quiet space, empty

but for a single candle

whose light increases

as dreams and hopes

fuel its incandescence.

Step softly within

where the calm communion

of sitting with silence,

shining with light

brings long sought oneness.

Kaaren Whitney

Winter Solstice 2006

Have a blessed day, pay heed to the natural rhythm of the seasons.



Shelley said...

I do have this thought behind all my Christmas lists to get done that January is looming, dark and cold. I am reminding myself that we have a full freezer and cupboard and that nothing is cozier than sitting in front of a warm fire. I may not come out until February.

JMW said...

Perfectly said - love these poems. Happy Holstice!

Suburban Princess said...

I used to have to memorize poems too! It has come in handy at the occassional cocktail party :O)

Pigtown-Design said...

Since I live in the 'hood, we adapted the Frost poem to suit our needs a little better.

It's here:

Did you see the moon last night?

Southern H and H said...

My husband and I stayed up to watch. The eclipse was stunning. Me, this morning? Not so much after only a few hours sleep, but it was worth it.

Hope you were able to see it, as well.

James said...

Paying heed to the rhythm of the season is great advice.

Toad said...

Sadly, it was too overcast in Mayberry to see the sky. The photos were great, but they always are aren't they?

Feels like weather is on its way, so like Shelley, I'm in to stay, at least till groundhog day.

LPC said...

Happy Solstice, Toad!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Oh those days of memorization. Perfect poems and wishing you a happy Solstice Toad.

ADG said...

I started thinking Celtic-ish stuff and then started thinking about Druids and then started thinking about Stonehenge and then started thinking about Eddie Izzard's treatise on it.


Toad said...

there went another afternoon